Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sewing Instructions, Day 2

Today, we're working on the sleeves.

Quilt the lining to the sleeve as you did on the bodice, leaving the top seam open.

Join upper seam down to opening, matching the pattern of the Tweed. Press seam open.

Fold back part of lining towards front and tack to seam allowance. Stitch with zipper foot close to seam line and press.
Make up bias tape from lining and stitch to right side of sleeve flap. Trim allowance back, fold over and hand sew to wrong side.
Fold back front piece of lining and hand sew to stitching line.
Fold down lining from sleeve head; it will be hand sewn into the armhole by hand later.
Press gros-grain tape in half and tack carefully around sleeve opening.
Machine stitch in place using an edge stitch foot.

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