Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sewing Instructions, Day 1

All sounds like too much work and hard to follow? Don't despair, I run regular workshops in Brisbane and teach you all the techniques to create your own masterpiece. Please contact Rita for further details on 07 3300 3470 or

Join side fronts to centre fronts and centre back seam. Match all notches and pattern of the Tweed, pin, tack and stitch in place by machine. I highly recommend a walking foot as it walks on the fabric and doesn't drag the fabric down and out of place while sewing.
This jacket has a three-piece sleeve, a classic feature of many Chanel Jackets. This seam stays open for the time being. Close both under seams and press open.
Cut out lining pieces and join seams to match shell. Press all seams open. Place lining on Tweed, wrong sides together.
Prepare the lining for quilting by pinning it to the shell. Small pleats are necessary to accommodate the excess lining and make sure your lining is not sitting tight on the Tweed.
Mark quilting lines on the the shell and make sure they are equal on all pattern pieces. Quilt with your walking foot using 5mm stitches. Pull threads to the inside and neaten off.

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