Friday, 24 August 2012

Chanel Inspired Jacket - Day 1

Once you own and wear a Chanel style jacket you’ll love it and you’ll want to wear it all the time! The beautiful nature of the tweeds together with its unique construction makes it comfortable to wear and you’ll receive endless compliments. Tweeds are available in an array of colours and patterns at Alla Moda fabric collection in Brisbane; please visit for further information.

I used Vogue Pattern 8804 and adjusted it to my own fittings - see image below. Get yourself organised with fabrics and notions as instructed on the pattern envelope. Please let me know if you have problems locating the odds and ends required - please visit

Getting started
Make up a toile or test garment first to refine your fittings and practice any unfamiliar sewing techniques.

Cutting the shell fabric
Match the pattern of the tweed and cut your pieces on a single layer. Carefully match notches all around the garment; see image below.

Interface with bias cut strips
Cut strips of iron-on interfacing in a width of 2.5cm and fuse the edges of all garment pieces to avoid fraying. It reinforces the seams at the same time - see images below:

Stay tuned for the next stage, coming very soon!!