Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sewing Instructions, Day 4

Today, we're working on the hand crochet braid.

The yarns used in the braid were provided by Linton Tweeds and make the perfect partner. The yarns pictured below were used to weave the fabric.
I found it easiest to make up a sample piece first to test various patterns. This way you can decide which braid will complement your jacket best.
A book called "around the corner Crochet Borders" by Edie Eckman came in very handy. It contains endless border patterns and it shows how to do the corners and many other things you need to know.
First, work a chain stitch all around the jacket edge.
Then start to crochet your pattern to the chain stitches, following the pattern instructions in the book.
Read the instructions for the corners carefully and make sure both side on the jacket fronts look identical.
Add a row of chain stitch to the sleeve opening.

Follow the instructions and complete the opening with your crochet broder making sure the braid lies flat around the corner.
Neaten off the yarns at the back of the braid and press carefully.

Not sure how go about this braid? I conduct regular sewing classes and workshops where you are taught all the required techniques to complete your very own master piece. Please contact me by email or phone 07 3300 3470. I'd love to hear from you!!